Prosperity, Poverty, or Extinction? – Humanity’s Choices

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Looming over humanity are impending ecological crises. If they occur, the present global financial crisis will be seen in hindsight as a relatively minor inconvenience, but an ignored warning of worse things to come. Cookson brings to bear in support of his arguments the weight of evidence provided by generations of scientists and economists. Readers will find searching examination of the reasons for our addiction to unsustainable economic growth, and ways of overcoming it without undue discomfort.

Prosperity, Poverty or Extinction written by Allen Cookson, relates in an unprecedented way, fundamental physical and ecological principles to economics so that the detachment of current economic practices from physical reality becomes obvious. Sustainable alternative economic models are proposed in this book and almost all the material is derived from the work of great minds of the past and the present. References will enable readers to check things they have doubts about, including current controversies.

This book is aimed at the educated layman and the student. Its eclecticism will ensure even academics find ideas that are new to them. It includes some technical details that will be of interest to readers with strengths relevant to them. Mathematical or technical bits can be skipped over without losing the thread.

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